Managing module defaults in Fedora

Setting or changing a default stream or a default installation profile of a module is in most cases similar to changing a major version of a package. Setting or changing the default stream or the default installation profile requires a Fedora Change request, and it is only allowed in between Fedora releases.

Setting or changing a default

Submit an issue to Fedora Release Engineering in You also need to submit a Fedora Change.

To check the current defaults, have a look at the fedora module defaults repository.

Setting or changing default stream of a module will be considered based on the following rules:

  • If the module stream does not mask any part of the Traditional RPM repos, it may be set as a default stream. For example, any module that is entirely a leaf or one that fulfills the function of a package moved from the traditional repos into the modular repos (e.g. nodejs:8 might replace the nodejs traditional package)

  • If the module stream masks part of the Traditional RPM repos (e.g it replaces an existing RPM or it introduces a non-trivial set of conflicts) it may not be made a default stream without the express permission of FESCo. Release Engineering will be responsible for escalating any PR that is questionable on this point to FESCo for a final decision.