Modularity introduces an optional Modular repository that provides additional versions of software on independent lifecycles.

Users can now keep their operating system up-to-date while having the right version of an application for their use case, even when the default version in the distribution changes.

Modularity Features

Moving fast and slow

Different users have different needs. Developers want the latest versions possible, system administrators want stability for longer period of time.

Modularity makes some parts of the system to move slowly, and other parts to move faster — so users can choose the right speed of different parts according to their use case.

A foundation for up-to-date containers

Modularity provides an environment for packagers to maintain and build software in multiple versions which will be used as an input for automatic container rebuilds.

Automating packager workflow

Modularity enables packagers to maintain a single source for multiple outputs and brings an additional automation to the package build process.