Known Issues

This page tracks the known issues in the Boltron release. If you find anything that is not here, you can submit it into the issue tracker.

Issue tracker

Apart from the main modularity issue tracker, there are also issue trackers for the individual modules, available in the Fedora Modularity: Modules GitHub space.

You can also use one of the feedback forms: Boltron Feedback.

List of known Issues

DNF doesn’t show some modules as installed

This is specificaly about the base-runtime, shared-userspace, and dnf modules. The packages from these modules are avilable, but the dnf module list –installed won’t list them.

Microdnf doesn’t support modules

Microdnf is a lightweight version of dnf written it C, so it doesn’t depend on Python. It supports only the basic commands like install. Right now, it doesn’t support modules, so the full version of DNF needs to be used.

Update command is dnf module update, not dnf update

As Boltron won’t get any updates, the update functionality wasn’t the biggest priority. Even with this it has been fully implemented client-side in a ‘dnf module update’ command. The ‘dnf update’ command will work as expected in F27.