Boltron is here!

We have built the first modular prototype - Fedora 26 Boltron Server!

Download and try Boltron

Boltron is available as many artifacts including a container image, iso, and a qcow image.

Try Boltron

There are 25 modules for you to play with

The following is a list of 25 modules included in Boltron. Many of them are also built as containers.

  • base-runtime-f26
  • container-runtime-f26
  • dhcp-f26
  • dhcp-server-f26
  • dnf-f26
  • haproxy-f26
  • httpd-f26
  • installer-f26
  • mariadb-f26
  • memcached-f26
  • mongodb-f26
  • nginx-f26
  • nodejs-8
  • nodejs-f26
  • perl-f26
  • perl-Unicode-EastAsianWidth-f26
  • php-f26
  • postfix-f26
  • postgresql-f26
  • shared-userspace-f26
  • shim-master
  • source-to-image-f26
  • sssd-f26
  • systemtools-f26
  • varnish-f26
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We would love to hear your feedback!

You can give us either general Modularity feedback or try the walkthrough for more detailed and UX feedback.

General feedback Walkthrough and UX feedback

Watch the videos

There is a series of videos coming out on YouTube that will help you get started with Boltron. See our Fedora Modularity YouTube channel.

Boltron on Youtube