Adam Samalik


Building a Modular Linux OS 

Distributions are monolythic


Good integration, limited flexibility.

Problem 1: Multiple versions

stable database  --> CentOS

cutting-edge runtime  --> Fedora

both  --> ?!?!

Containers might be the answer, but not everything runs in a container!

Problem 2: SW vs. HW

stable database  --> CentOS

stable database + very new HW  --> ?!?!

Old Kernel might not run on a very new hardware. And distributions update as a whole.

Modularity solves both!

What is Modularity

Basic concepts

How far is Modularity

What exists, what's the plan

Fedora 26 Boltron

Our modular prototype will be released with Fedora 26.

Boltron goals:

  • Feedback on the build pipeline
  • Feedback on the client tooling - DNF
  • Feedback on module development
  • Overall validation of Modularity

post-Boltron goals:

  • Arbitrary branching (version branching)
  • Module updates
  • Wider adoption

How to Modularity

How to help and what to follow

How do we operate

#fedora-meeting-3 at FreeNode

Meeting every Tuesday 16-17h CEST

#fedora-modularity at FreeNode

Talking all the time

Follow Modularity

Fedora Modularity


#fedora-modularity at freenode