Working with Antora

Antora is being proposed as the new docs engine for building This document rounds up some "getting started"/"working with" advice. This is not a guide for Antora. You should read the upstream documentation.

Getting Antora

Right now we are doing our work with the upstream published docker container. Ultimately we will do something different.

  1. docker pull antora/antora

How to build the test site

  1. Clone the Antora play book

  2. git clone ssh://

  3. cd docs-fp-o

  4. git checkout antora-playbook

  5. Build the site

  6. docker run -it -v $(pwd):/antora:z antora/antora site.yml + [NOTE]

You will get a ton of warnings from the draft Packaging Guidelines Docs. You can edit the site.yml if you’d like to skip that doc set. This is remaining included to test errors. (True as of 25 April 2018)

  1. View the site

  2. firefox public/index.html

Where are the sources that the test site is built from?

Doc Content

Read the site.yml file. The specific branches of the specific forks of the docs are listed there.


The test site currently uses the default UI provided by Antora, located at .

The default UI is supplemented with additional code located in the supplemental-ui directory. This replaces/adds files in the default UI. Long term, we probably want to write a full, single UI in a separate repo, however this is undecided.

Wait? Why does search work?

Right now the search is driven by a test elastic instance running at Algolia. This is not necessarily our long term solution, that is still being discussed with fedora-infrastructure.